Report 2009 Home Inspection Software
for Home Inspectors

The generation of a computerized Home Inspection report can greatly improve the professional service that a Home Inspector provides each and every customer. It also is the first line of defense when a problem is discovered and someone questions the Home Inspector and Inspection Report. Computers can be very powerful tools if used to their potential and very frustrating if problems exceed our limited computer skills.

A Closer Look Inspection Service has been performing home inspections in the Texas home inspection market for the last 25 years. Lore Hemsell has been a Home Inspector for over 30 years. Jim Hemsell served on the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Inspectors Committee for 5 years and helped write the TREC Standards of Practice. They have been selling various Home Inspection report formats for the last 16 years to Texas inspectors.  JLore Ventures is the business that now handles the templates sale.

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) has required specific formatting of our inspection reports for years. This has created a market for inexpensive and easy to use report formats that can work well in your market. These reports are well tested and used by over 4300 home inspectors in Texas for years. This popular Texas format can also be used in other states around the nation. Join the largest volume of Home Inspectors in the nation using a simple and dynamic Home Inspection Reporting System.

TREC has approved the new Standards of Practice and new REI 7A-1 Report Form at their October 27th 2008 meeting. The new Standards of Practice and Report form is now required as of February 1st 2009.

Why buy home inspection software ever again?

Microsoft Word is the powerful program that is used to operate the template so these templates have all the capabilities and file support of MS Word. Our Report 2009 Templates are Microsoft Word versions of a blank inspection report so you will need to have MS Word (97 version or later) on your computer to operate the template. Save the report as a new file name and you are ready to go with the next inspection report. Single click to activate the check boxes, open comment field length, spell check, macro comment capabilities, insertion of digital pictures and diagrams are all part of the power of the Microsoft Word templates. A simple toolbar speeds you on your way to using the report.

The Report 2009 templates come in seven different configurations and all require a version of Microsoft Word or Office installed on your computer.

The Report 2009 – Basic template looks and works just like the TREC form. The comment field expands as you insert more comments.

The Report 2009 – Intermediate template includes a series of check boxes to help you meet the TREC & ASHI Standards of Practice reporting requirements.

The Report 2009 – Professional – Texas template includes text that closely mirrors the TREC Standards of Practice and ASHI reporting requirements.

Our Report 2009 Professional – National template meets the TREC and ASHI reporting requirements and is now for sale on a nationwide basis. The Standards text is inserted in the comment sections of the report and can easily be changed or modified to fit your personal or state Standards of Practice. If you pick up some new verbiage at the next ASHI Conference, then you can easily type that information into your template once, save it and it is there for all your future reports.

We also have Report 2009 – Macro Text has over 700 repair and comment statements that I have developed and used in my home inspection business for the last 25 years. There are comments for new construction that reference the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC) Performance Standards and common EIFS defects. The comments are coded to the report format numbering system and expandable to include your own comments. All auto text can be edited or deleted. Both templates are licensed for one office computer and one laptop computer.

Report 2009 – New Construction templates are the Report 2009 Basic templates that have been modified to covering the foundation, framing and final phases. The templates come with select IRC 2000 excerpts to help quote the IRC 2000 when making repair comments and a special version of the Report 2009 Macro Codes relating to new construction.

Each template is licensed for one office computer and one laptop computer. All versions require Microsoft Word 97 or better to operate.  Sample template sections are available for your download. The various template cost are as follows.

Report 2009 – Basic $175
Report 2009 – Intermediate $200
Report 2009 – Professional  $300
Report 2009 – Macro Text $185
Report 2009 – Phased Inspection $2100

This link will take you to our website where you can purchase and download the software at your convenience.

If you have questions or wish to purchase a template, please feel free to contact me by phone (214) 244-3118 or email at I will be happy to answer any of your questions.