Inspection Fees

How much does a Home Inspection cost?

Most people want to jump directly to "How much does a Home Inspection cost?". This is like basing a decision on which doctor or attorney to use based on their prices. Don't get me wrong, price is important, but it should be the last factor you consider when picking your Home Inspector. The following are some important consideration and questions that you should ask your Home Inspector before finalizing which one is going to help you determine the condition of that home you are hoping to purchase.

What is their experience and background?

Home Inspectors in Texas are licensed and the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) issues license numbers sequentially. They started issuing licenses in 1986, a few years after Jim started performing home inspections. Jim Hemsell's license number is #129 and that represents 27 years of experience. Some Home Inspectors with a license number in the 10,000's started last year. Who do you really want evaluating your property that you are spending your hard earned money on?

What are you getting for your money?

Some Home Inspectors are at the property for a few hours before rushing off to their next inspection. The Home Inspection Report may or may not be provided at the inspection. Are digital pictures used to strengthen the power of your negotiations to get items repaired before you close on the property? A Closer Look Inspection Services usually has two inspectors onsite to perform the Home Inspection. We take our time to explain the significance of the items needing repair. We generate a computerized report onsite with digital pictures to make sure that you are in the best bargaining position as you finalize the negotiations.

Does your Home Inspector carry Errors and Omissions insurance as well as General Liability insurance?

On September 2007, the law changed to require Home Inspectors to carry $100,000 in Errors and Omissions insurance. The law does not go into effect until the Home Inspector renews their license which could be as lat as August 2009. A Closer Look Inspection Services carries $300,000 of Errors & Omissions insurance as well as General Liability insurance and they have for many years and never had to file a claim.

What Inspection Services are you getting for your money?

The Home Inspection process is much more detailed that your typical Termite Inspection. The Home Inspector is looking in many more areas and much more intently that a pest inspection.  A Closer Look Inspection Service's Structural / Mechanical Home Inspections include the Wood Destroying Insect Report for Termites and other wood destroying insects. Our inspectors are looking for many problems that other companies are charging their clients extra.

Make sure you are comparing Apples to Apples.

Not all Home Inspection Companies and Home Inspections are the same!

Our Home Inspection fees start at $300.00 and based on many different factors. Please call us to learn more about our unique inspection services and for a bid to inspect your home. We will need some information to work a bid up, so please have the following information available when you give us a call at 940-891-3803.

  • Type of Inspection you want (Preowned, New Construction, Building Code Energy Inspection, Stucco, Energy Audit)
  • Size (square footage) of the building living area and garage
  • Age (years) of the building
  • Type of foundation (slab or pier & beam)
  • Ancillary systems that you want inspected (sprinkler systems, pool, spa, septic, well, water analysis)
  • Location of the inspection (address and city)

The bid process will only take a few minutes and we look forward to answering any questions that you have about our unique education home inspection services.

Senior Home Safety Inspections are available for $375.00

Always use an ASHI Certified Inspector for your inspection needs.